Dark and Light

3D Client MMORPG
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Dark and Light
Dark and Light

Snail Games is the company behind Dark and Light, the remake of the original MMORPG from 2006. After the destruction of Gaia, people found refuge on one of its satellites, the planet Alpha. Unfortunately, due to some unknown anomaly in its atmosphere, the peaceful during the day planet becomes a hostile, dangerous place with the coming of darkness. You are one of the refuges and must find the courage and resourcefulness to overcome all obstacles and survive.

Unreal Engine 4 is used to deliver state of the art 3D graphics and stunning visual effects; with an extended skill tree, a plethora of races, numerous classes and three factions to fight for, you can create the hero of your liking and tell the story of your choosing. Build your home, forage the land for resources and ally with others to defend your territory; almost everything is user created, from food and building materials, to vehicles and weapons! Dark and Light is a magical journey that every fan of the genre must take!

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