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Dota2: New Hero – Grimstroke

Dota2: New Hero – Grimstroke

Dota 2 introduces a brand-new hero, Grimstroke!

Grimstroke is a ranged fighter; he watches the battle while staying in the shadows and picks the right moment to unleash his phantom thralls to frustrate his opponents before he uses his brush to deliver the final, fatal blow. His rise in power come with a heavy cost as his entire race was consumed by the very magic that was meant to protect them. Now they exist as as inky revenants, bound forever to his brush…

With Stroke of Fate, he winds up and unleashes a path of ink from his brush which damages and slows down every enemy caught in the way while with Phantom’s Embrace he sends a phantom to attach on an enemy, damaging and silencing it in the same time. If the phantom survives, it rends the opponent for heavy damage. Also, Ink Swell allows Grimstroke to cover himself or an enemy with ink resulting in heavy damage over time, silencing and stunning them. Finally, Soulbind binds an enemy hero to its nearest allied hero in range rendering them immobile; every spell that affects one of them, affects the other and if the bind brakes before it expires, the initial target will again be bound to its nearest allied hero in range.

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