Worlds Adrift

3D Client MMORPG
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Worlds Adrift
Worlds Adrift

The world is shattered in countless islands that float in the sky; you the brave pioneer must explore this universe, gather materials and build yourself an airship to discover new distant places. This is Worlds Adrift, the open-world MMO from Bossa Studios.

The game features a massive world where new, user-created islands are added daily and where advanced physics are applied; use your grappling hook and climb from one peak to another, explore your neighboring islands, gather materials and knowledge and finally build your very own airship! Your vessel can be fitted with anything you wish as long as you have the materials and knowledge needed; alliances are extremely useful since they are a great way to share knowledge and resources. Worlds Adrift is a game for people who love exploration and adventuring rather than combat; its huge, ever-changing world and the advanced physics will satisfy every fan of the genre!

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