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World of Tanks News

World of Tanks: Arms Race Starting Soon on the Global Map!

From May29 to June 12, World of Tanks will be staging a huge clan event on the Global Map; clans will compete against each other in a test of planning and strategy and participants will be able to get Bonds, Gold, unique badges, clan style sets, Camouflage patterns, a new set of awards and one of the three Tier X tanks that until now were...[Read More]

World of Tanks: Halloween Special – Leviathan’s Invasion!

As World of Tanks and the Great Gate are under attack from Leviathan, the ruler of the armored afterlife, you are the only one who can protect the mortal world and stop him from unleashing the Apocalypse! Plan your steps carefully, as with every new battle, Leviathan devises a smarter plan. You never know where its army will spawn as they...[Read More]

World of Tanks: Global Map Season 6 Coming Soon!

Season Six launches on the Global Map next Monday, August 28, and clans will have the chance to face each other on the War Fronts to decide which is the strongest! In this new season various changes and improvements will be introduced with a major focus being placed at the new sandbox feel, providing clans with much more freedom to choose...[Read More]

World of Tanks: European Championship 2017

Will you answer the call of the 2017 European Championship registration? If you are eager to represent your country at an international gaming level, World of Tanks gives you the opportunity to sign up and participate not only for glory but for some great prizes as well such as qualification to gamescom, Premium memberships, Gaming Hardwa...[Read More]

World of Tanks: Update 9.18 – All-Round SPG Revision is finally releasing World of Tanks massive update 9.18 following an enormous effort to collect user’s feedback and put it in the best possible use, developing core adjustments and fine-tuning a “myriad” of gameplay and user interface elements. Since SPGs have been a thorn for quite some time within the com...[Read More]

World of Tanks: Update 9.17.1 is Here!

As discussed yesterday, the new World of Tanks update 9.17.1 goes live tomorrow Thursday, 23 of February! Changes include revisions to the Tech Trees, balance adjustments, Strongholds and various new additions. It is finally the time for players to check for themselves all the new goodies and engage into the new action! After a short serv...[Read More]

World of Tanks: Update 9.17.1 – German Tech Tree

The first update of 2017 for World of Tanks is near and brings along some great additions and welcomed changes to the game. The update’s initial focus is on the German Tech Tree, including comprehensive balance revisions and brand new tanks. However the update promises to also bring gradual changes to the Japanese and American vehic...[Read More]

World of Tanks – Sandbox Testing Phase 2

It is finally here! The second testing phase of Sandbox for the Wold of Tanks has arrived with a focus on artillery changes. The main reasoning behind those changes is the fact that the existing SPG mechanics seem to undermine the game’s experience due to their slow rate of fire and poor accuracy, thus not providing much fun neither...[Read More]

World of Tanks: Chinese New Year Contest

With the Chinese new year celebrations for 2017 coming up, World of Tanks celebrates this special occasion with a new contest, providing players the opportunity to win some special rewards such as special Chinese tanks, premium accounts and personal reserve following the contest’s completion! In the meantime and after you sign up, y...[Read More]

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