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Featuring your standard MOBA fare, Wide Cross serves to provide gamers with just one more bad League of Legends clone. With a series admittedly well designed and interesting characters, and a few maps to fight over, Wide Cross delivers us more of the same, no matter if their art style is sort of cool.

In terms of combat, again, Wide Cross sticks right to the formula. There are active and passive abilities, some of which might buff you, some might do some damage.. I’m having a hard time explaining the minutia, because, quite frankly, you already know what I’m going to say. And if you don’t boot up LoL, you’ll figure it out pretty quick.

Even the monster events, while brimming with potential, fall back on the old tried and true formula of buffing the team that kills them, or in one case (again.. Think LoL) where the defeated ‘Guardian’ will rampage towards the enemy teams nexus.

And yea, they called the home base a Nexus. Get a little out of the box, am I right?

All said and done, this game is nothing special at all. Just another shoddily produced ramshackle money grab set to target an audience overflowing with people begging for something new. The silver lining? Wide Cross is still very early in its development. In other words, there’s still time. Hopefully Tripeaks will be able to move away from the tried and true cookie cutter formula, and introduce some truly unique features to their game. Until that happens, this title would be one that I would be hard pressed to recommend.

Minimum System Requirements



  • Cute art style
  • Fluid combat and controls


  • Very cookie cutter. Nothing new to speak of.


A writer of fiction and lover of all things fantastical, Matthew has spent many of his days immersed in one created world or another, be they an MMO, traditional video game, or a work of literary fiction. Having been both an avid writer and video game lover for his entire life, the next logical step seemed to be, you guess it, writing about video games. And so here he is, doing that.
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