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Warface: Syndicate – armor set and weapons

“Syndicate” is the name of the upcoming global Operation for Warface that launches later this year. Prepare yourselves for a completely new set of armor, plus brand-new weapons! Two new weapon series are going to be introduced and Battle Pass owners can get them both! Their names? “Syndicate” and “Carbon”! They will include a ...[Read More]

Warface: Warface celebrates its 5th anniversary

It’s time for celebration, Warface turns 5! Check out the promo video below! [arve url=”https://youtu.be/JppfWgi9V5o” /] First of all, you can earn the brand-new anniversary achievement just by finishing a match with at least one kill before October 22, 20:59 UTC! Any PvE match / Special Operation or Quickplay PvP will c...[Read More]

Warface: New Event – Class Race

Warface presents the new Class Race Event! From October 9 to November 9, 12:00 UTC, you can play your favorite class and lead it to victory! Everyone can play and the class that earns the most points will be the winner. In order to accomplish that, you must complete as many of your class’s quests as you can and earn some sweet rewar...[Read More]

Warface: Free Random Weapon!

Warface is offering a free random weapon for all new players! Just click the red button, click on the “RECEIVE THE GIFT” button, create a new account and you will get your cool new weapon! Hurry up!

Warface Starter Pack Key Giveaway!

Steelseries and My.com join forces to offer free Starter Pack keys for Warface! Click the red button, login to your Steelseries account, press the “Get Your Key” button to get your key and follow the instructions to redeem your code! The pack contains two-weeks VIP Booster a AY 551 Assault Rifle (for 2 weeks), Urban Camo Skin ...[Read More]

Warface: Operation “Absolute Power”

Get ready for the new Global Event, Operation “Absolute Power” which promises to be even larger than its predecessors including new challenges, new rewards and new competitions! Similar to the Atlas of War, you will be able to progress through military campaigns, get unique items and make profit with the Marketplace. Obtain th...[Read More]

Warface: Four years’ anniversary!

Warface’s 4th anniversary is upon us! Today, October 19, marks the start of the celebrations that will last until the end of the weekend, Sunday October 22. Throughout these days, you will have the chance to claim daily prizes, get gift cards and maybe acquire the prominent Black Hawk axe. You just have to scratch the gift card on the Pro...[Read More]

Warface: September update preview

Warface’s September patch is knocking at our doors and is bringing a plethora of new features most notably a complete overhaul of the “Bridges” map, armory changes, new achievements and rank improvements.! One of the most notable changes will be that of the new level cap of 86! Players reaching this level will gain the t...[Read More]

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