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Transformice is a free to play 2D MMO Platformer, by Atelier 801, and actually is one of the most fun and truly innovative approaches seen, merging classic old-school raw platform action with modern MMO elements. In Transformice every player takes the role of a mouse trying to reach the cheese and get it back to the mouse hole in less than 2 minutes, avoiding deadly situations, exploiting tricky physics and generating tons of laugher.

One of the mice is randomly selected to be the Shaman, the most powerful mouse of all, who has the mission to guide the mice to the cheese and back, by spawning multiple objects with varied properties, crafting paths and helping the mice to reach their goal. Using special anchors, the Shaman can tie several objects together in order to create bridges, rotating contraptions or stopping mechanisms. In case you manage and save more than 1.000 mice, you will become a Hard-mode Shaman, able to create a special totem and summon it at will, but only once per map. Will you rise up to the challenge and successfully lead the mice?

By safely recovering cheese back to the mouse hole, players will level up and be rewarded with new content, various titles and cheese pieces to use in the game’s shop. In the shop you will be able to buy certain items to customize your mouse or create your own maps. With millions of levels available, more than 200 official maps, multiple game modes to select from and your own level editor to create your content, Transformice guarantees that no two games will ever be the same! The developers and the community is greatly active, updating the game with new content and events, keeping the expanding player-base fully engaged. If you enjoy fast paced action, creative environments and hilarious gameplay, this is for you!

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows XP
Processor:1 GHz
Memory (RΑΜ):512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space:60 MB available space



Alexandros is a veteran Gamer, from the early glorious days of Spectrum ZX 128 and 8086 PCs. Having consumed tones of game-play hours in every existing (and non-existing) game genre, ranging from simple arcade (platform games) to complex flight sims, he possesses a vast amount of gaming experience and a quite demanding “eye”, always seeking for absolute excellence. He is currently focused on PC, PlayStation & Android platforms and his true unconditional love lies deep in the realms of classic Adventure and RPG gaming.
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