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Total War: Arena
Total War: Arena

Total War: Arena is an Online Multiplayer Strategy game that is being developed by Creative Assembly and published by Wargaming. On release, the game will be free to play but there are founder pack bundles available that grant access to the Closed Beta. There are three available Factions to choose from: the Greeks, the Romans and the Barbarians with the Japanese having been announced already as the upcoming fourth faction. Players get to unlock 3 out of the 10 available commanders and have the opportunity to unlock the rest by playing or paying real life money.

Commanders have unique abilities that can be unlocked by playing and they also level up as they gain experience granting upgrades to weapons, armor abilities and many more. There is one mode available were players fight 10v10 battles and they have to capture the enemy base. There is a variety of well-known places that the battles take place and the game provides a lot of fun as you have to think on the spot while fighting. If you are a fan of the Total War series I recommend buying a bundle and joining the action or simply keeping an eye out as the game will be free to play once it is released.

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