Toontown Rewritten Codes (February 2024)

toontown rewritten codes

A Few Words about Toontown Rewritten

Before diving into specifics about our Toontown Rewritten codes collection, let us briefly see what this game is all about.

Toontown is a free-to-play MMO game revival of Disney’s Toontown Online, built for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Create your own Toon and join forces with your Toon comrades to battle against the “Cogs” – corporate robots who want to destroy Toontown’s fun and turn it into their latest business venture. Are YOU Toon Enough?

Therefore, here at Pivotal Gamers, we constantly search the WEB to bring you every Toontown Rewritten code available before everyone else. We also provide all expired codes to validate what you already have. For more information, news and updates about the game please visit the game’s official page and the game’s YouTube channel. As a quick reference, we have included Toontown Rewritten official trailer below. Enjoy!

Toontown Rewritten Active Codes

Below is our list of every active and valid Toontown Rewritten code we could find. The list is updated daily, so check frequently for new goodies.

  • Gadzooks : Redeem it for a Gadzooks Shirt.
  • Sunburst : Redeem it for a Sunburst Shirt.
  • on-the-shelf : Only available during the twelve days of winter.
  • toonfest2014 : Redeem it only if you have a character that was created before September 28, 2014.
  • two-million : Redeem for a Treasure Trove (permanent code)
  • flip-for-flippy : Redeem it only if you have a character that was created before June 2, 2014.
  • Get Connected : Redeem it for a Get Connected Shirt.
  • GC SBFO : Redeem it for a Connected Shirt from the Sellbot Field Office.
  • patience-pays : Redeem it only if you have a character that was created before September 19, 2014.
  • Sweet : Exchange it for 12,000 jelly beans.
  • Spooky : Trade it for a Creepy Shirt.
  • Toontastic : Trade it for a 10th Anniversary Cake Shirt.
  • Winter : Trade it for 48 hours of real estate canyons.
  • Silly Meter : Redeem it for a Silly Meter Shirt.
  • coming-to-town : Only available during the twelve days of winter.
  • beta-bughunt : Redeem it only if you have a character that was created before September 19, 2014. Also, they used a beta key.
  • dont-be-wacky : Redeem it only if you have a character that was created before June 2, 2014.
  • Summer : Trade it for a Silly Summer Shirt.
  • BRRRGH :  Redeem it for a Winter Shirt.

Toontown Rewritten Expired Codes

If you try to use some Toontown Rewritten code that doesn’t work as it should then it’s most probably expired. You can use our Toontown Rewritten expired codes list below to validate yours.

  • omgcon2016
  • toonfest2015
  • gardening-is-go
  • Supersorry
  • toontown-tweeter
  • weight-off-shoulders
  • replayfx2017
  • toontastic12
  • thank-you-kong
  • nipping-at-your-nose
  • replayfx2018

How to redeem Toontown Rewritten codes

In case you are not familiar with how to redeem your Toontown Rewritten codes, follow the instructions shown below.

  • Launch the game and open the book that is in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select Options & Codes button on the left side of the book.
  • Select the Enter Code tab at the top.
  • Copy one of the codes from our active codes list and paste it to the empty text field area.
  • Hit the Submit button.
  • You will find your new items in your mailbox!

If you need more help, check the video below and you will get the rewards in no time!

Have fun and do not forget, for a huge selection of active Giveaways and Contests, visit our Giveaways and Free Steam Keys pages.

Last Update: 28 February 2024

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