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The Settlers Online is an MMORTS game developed and published by Ubisoft. It has 2D graphics and colorful beautiful images that make you want to explore every aspect of it! In the beginning of the game, you are granted a small piece of property. Your target is to build a town and evolve it to become the trading center of the game’s world. During this effort the players can harvest crops, replant trees and create mines to extract the necessary resources and update the city.

Trading also plays a major role in the game. You can trade products in excess with the ones you need. As your city grows, attention must be paid at the protection of your people as attacks are imminent. You can also establish friendships with other players and exchange ideas, thoughts and share tactics on how to make your crops more efficient.

At the later stages of the game the need to expand your territory will arise and that’s when you’ll have to start fighting other players in order to conquer new lands and grow up your cities.



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