Starfall Tactics

PG Weekly Roundup – The Elder Scrolls Online #10MillionStories Special Event, other games’ announcements, free weekend events, upgrades and contests! – Week 48

The Elder Scrolls Online: The #10MillionStories Dungeon Event and a Free-to-Play Weekend! This week in Elder Scrolls Online,  the #10MillionStories Dungeon event launched! It was available for all players and it gave the participants the chance to earn a Mysterious Reward Box just by completing a random dungeon daily! The Box contained many in-game goodies like Crown Repair kits or pets and mounts...[Read More]

Starfall Tactics: WIP – Domination Maps and Newton Battlecruiser

Following the recent announcement of a new mode for Ranked duels, Domination, two new maps, created specifically for the 1vs1 Domination mode, are being made available! They will be included both in Custom Games and Duels in Ranked mode. The Corridor map includes five control points, split between the asteroid corridor and the nebulae. In this map you will always have enough space for a massive as...[Read More]

Starfall Tactics – Gameplay trailer

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