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PG Weekly Roundup – Star Wars: The Old Republic Huge Giveaway and Other Games’ Promotions, Announcements and Updates! – Week 49

Star Wars: The Old Republic – NVIDIA GeForce© ‘Rule the Galaxy Story Pack’ Giveaway In one of the mo...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Infinity Duty Officer Promotion!

The return of all previously-available Duty Officer Packs and the introduction of the Tzenkethi Tzen...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online: Mirror Invasion, games’ events, updates, announcements and more! – Week 45

Star Trek Online: Mirror Invasion and Lifetime Subscription! The Mirror Invasion event returned to S...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Paladins Open Beta 62 Patch, other games’ events, announcements and future plans! – Week 44

Paladins: Ride the Lightning! This week in Paladins, the official launch of Open Beta Patch 62 took ...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Mirror Invasion!

The Mirror Invasion returns to Star Trek Online on November 9, for a limited time until November 30....[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Lifetime Subscription!

If you were looking for a massive discount on the Lifetime Subscription for Star Trek Online, there ...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Melting Pot Week Four Rewards!

New rewards in Star Trek Online will be rolled out each week for the Featured Episode “Melting Pot”,...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – FINAL FANTASY XIV’s Prince of Uznair, updates, announcements, celebrations and many more! – Week 41

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Prince of Uznair! This week in FINAL FANTASY XIV, we were introduced with a new a...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Dilithium Weekend!

A special event awaits us this weekend on Star Trek Online, where we will have the chance to earn bo...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online Tzenkethi Lock Box, Prize Packs, Updates, Announcements and more! – Week 40

Star Trek Online: Tzenkethi Lock Box and Phoenix Prize Pack! This week in Star Wars Online we were a...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: The Phoenix Prize Pack Returns!

The Phoenix Prize Pack returns from Tuesday, October 3 to Tuesday, October 10 blazing a trail into n...[Read More]

PG Weekly Roundup – Star Trek Online season 14 queue, updates, new launches and more! – Week 39

Star Trek Online: Season 14 space queue Star Trek Online announces the Dranuur Gauntlet, a brand new...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: The Tzenkethi Lock Box!

As the tireless efforts of the Alliance are coming to fruition, the Tzenkethi design principles have...[Read More]

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