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Star Trek Online Federation Elite Starter Pack Key Giveaway [ENDED]

Hello folks. SteelSeries is giving everyone the chance to win Star Trek Online: Legacy. Their messag...[Read More]

The Tzenkethi Go to War!

The Tzenkethi Red Alert event is live! The Tzenkethi are not known for making idle threats and now t...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Featured TFO – The Battle at the Binary Stars

The Battle at the Binary Stars is the first Featured Task Force Operation in Star Trek Online. It...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Hearts and Minds Returns

What happens when an unconventional experiment goes wrong? Hearts and Minds is a mini-quest that exp...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Welcome to Season 14

Season 14 is live and is full of brand-new features! This past summer General Martok discovered to b...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Enter the Breach!

Brave Captains! The Breach Special Event has started! Play until September 27 at 10:00AM PST and fly...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Ascend to a New Level of Reputation!

Star Trek Online proudly presents the brand-new Tier VI Reputations! The new reputation Tier is brin...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Announcing the Recon Destroyer Bundle!

Star Trek Online welcomes two brand-new ships, the New Orleans class, updated in 25th century to the...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery

This Fall, Star Trek Online will take brave captains to an amazing journey to 2256 in the height of ...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: The New Hur’q Dreadnought Leads an Infinity R&D Promo!

Brave Captains, from July 26 up until August 16, Star Trek Online will be running an special promoti...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: The 2018 Risa Lohlunat Festival!

The annual Lohlunat Festival is here! Visit Risa from July 3rd at 8am PT, to August 16th at 10am PT,...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Lifetime Subscription Sale!

Greetings brave Captains! Now and until July 26th at 10am PT, you can all get a Lifetime Subscriptio...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: Join the Gamma Recruits!

The Hur’q are swarming across known space, and are threatening to overpower the Dominion forces figh...[Read More]

Star Trek Online: The Phoenix Prize Pack Returns!

The Phoenix Prize Pack returns to Star Trek Online from May 23 to June 5! In accordance with the myt...[Read More]

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