Blade and Soul


Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury!

The latest update for Blade & Soul, Warden’s Fury is launching on September 12 and those t...[Read More]

Blade & Soul: Next Big Update Includes Serious Changes For Items And Systems!

The Blade & Soul: False Idols update goes live today! Get ready for some major and minor changes...[Read More]

Blade And Soul: Premium Bundle

SteelSeries is giving away free keys for Blade & Soul: Eternal Night Premium Bundle! Click the r...[Read More]

Blade and Soul: Premium Bundle Giveaway

Steelseries and NCSOFT are celebrating the release of Fire and Blood, the latest update for Blade an...[Read More]

Blade And Soul: Free Premium Membership Key!

Alienware and NCSOFT are teaming up and to celebrate Dawn of the Lost Continent, the latest update f...[Read More]

Blade & Soul: Wings of the Raven Now Live!

NCSoft has recently made live the new patch for Blade & Soul, called “Wings of the Raven&#...[Read More]

Blade and Soul Gameplay / Force Master

Blade and Soul Gameplay / Assassin

Blade and Soul Gameplay / Kung Fu Master

Blade and Soul Gameplay / Blade Master

Blade and Soul Trailer Silverfrost Mountains

Blade and Soul Launch Trailer

Blade and Soul Trailer

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