BattleCON Online

BattleCON Online Hikaru and Candenza Skin Pack Key Giveaway [ENDED]

Hello folks. We have another remarkable offer from Alienware Arena for BattleCON: Online. Read on for their offering. Unlock Hikaru and Candenza plus a special skin for each character! The critically acclaimed tabletop fighter is now free to play on Steam! In this deeply strategic, full-information battle card game, choose your fighter from a diverse roster of spell-slinging duelists, tag-tea...[Read More]

BattleCON Online – Free Gift Pack is giving away free Gift Pack keys for BattleCon Online! Just click the red button and log in to your account to get one, then follow the instructions on how to redeem it! With this Pack, you will unlock Hikaru, Candenza, and a special skin for each character!

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