Albion Online

Albion Online: End of Beta Weekend!

Well, it’s official. Albion Online’s Beta is ending on July 9 and the servers will be down until the game releases on July 17. So, what better time for celebrations than this weekend along a course of special events? Rise of the Guardians comes on Friday, July 7. The earth is trembling, animals are restless and a general sense of unease is in the air… Guardians are invading Albion! Def...[Read More]

Albion Online: New Mounts and Where to Find Them

Hector introduced a total of eight new mounts to Albion Online, so it is time to find out what they do and how to get them! In general, mounts are a great way to travel through Albion Online. Aside from the regulars, there are several rare and faction mounts, providing a great advantage in case you manage to obtain one. There is the tutorial mount, which is a simple mule given to the new arrivals ...[Read More]

Albion Online: Character Builder – Test It Now!

Albion Online has just released a new website game feature that players can test and use right now, even if it will be officially launched to the website in the near future. The Character Builder is a designated area where players can submit their own Albion builds and guides and comment or vote for their favorites. In order to do that, users need to have a Founder Pack active. The new function is...[Read More]

Albion Online Gameplay Trailer

Albion Online Gameplay 2

Albion Online | Faye Update Gameplay

Albion Online: Galahad Update is Now Live!

For all of you eagerly expecting the release of Albion Online, the new Sandbox MMORPG that promises to shake up the genre, note that the Galahad update, the biggest one ’till now and one of the last before the official game release on July, has been successfully deployed! Among various changes and improvements, there is a whole revamped new open world to explore, including a new Royal Contin...[Read More]

Top MMORPG Games To Play In 2017

We are really excited to present the top MMORPG games list of 2017. In addition to our regular best Client, Browser and Mobile MMO game lists, here you will find the most popular and highly anticipated massively multiplayer online games of this year. Playing a great MMO can be an overwhelming experience. Luckily for us gamers, the number of titles coming out every year increases. Additionally, est...[Read More]

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