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Summoner’s Legion is an F2P browser card game by R2games. Although its main elements in comparison to other CCGs are not completely new, they show a high degree of superiority among other titles competing in the category.

The card-oriented, turn-based, real-time combat mode unreels in a very fast way, using a specific grid canvas, giving each player the ability to make the lineup of their forces and confront the hateful rivals. At the beginning of the game, four hero classes are available for selection. A rich collection of cards is available to enrich each character’s forces, including centaurs, Elves, Undead, Pegasi Warriors and Mages. The upgrading of each player’s individual skills, weapons, units and training is a very important element into the game’s plot.

A large world of misty mountains, creepy multi-leveled dungeons and sandy arenas is offered for 1-1 or 2-2 and versus NPCs conflicts. By completing each one of the available quests, a vast amount of rewards such as XPs, silver or gold is offered as a booster for reaching the top and becoming invincible. A character can either act alone, being a member of a solo campaign or cooperate with other players to establish a guild brotherhood and raid together dangerous places, fighting side by side as one. Finally, there is a training mode, for checking the effectiveness of each exclusive deck of cards. Unused or useless cards can be discarded or exchanged.

A world full of challenges and secrets lies upon you. Are you ready to summon your heroes and be the ultimate invader?



Dionissis was always keen on the gaming evolution, from the early console days of Sega Mega Drive and Super NES to the first gaming engines such as Amiga and Amstrad. But as soon as the first personal computers appeared, more exciting things showed up. And there came the “Monkey Island” series and the adventure games genre. RPG’s entered his life the first day he played “Diablo” by Blizzard Entertainment. Many gaming hours followed since then. He is still a gamer because as the wise men say “Once a gamer, always a gamer”, but he is also interested in new technologies and mobile applications.
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