Summoner`s Legion

Summoner`s Legion

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Summoner`s Legion
Summoner`s Legion

Summoner’s Legion is an F2P browser MMO game published by R2Games, which gives each player a unique gaming experience. All members of the community are able to choose between four different classes and gather a strong and powerful deck of cards. Furthermore, as their skills and abilities are improved, each player is called to fulfill a vast amount of quests and confront many demanding challenges.

Dark and treacherous dungeons, bloody painted arenas and a special adventure mode are included, to test the force of the raised army against other real players and NPCs. A training mode option is also available for whoever desires to be prepared before stepping into the epic battlefields. Cooperate with other fellow travelers in this mythical journey and become a legend. Are you ready to summon the spirits of your ancestors and become dominant?

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