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StarBreak starts off strong, and never lets up – not even for a second. Upon start up, you will be pulled into a tutorial, where you will learn the basics of the game: the platforming mechanics, the gameplay loops, and the loot system. After getting these tidbits down, you’re out on your own! With no story, and few NPC’s StarBreak takes the stance of relying only on its action combat gameplay to keep it afloat.

While the choice to include no story may seem an odd one to some, it is not until you dissect the games true intention that you will understand that this game was never about anything other than action, that’s it! Placed in a zone along with 49 other players, your one and only task will be to fight. Battling in massive squads, you and your player controlled companions will work together in order to defeat the hoards of ruthless enemies that will relentlessly fling themselves after you.

During this wild fray, you will notice a few things happening. First of all, the monsters are getting stronger. That’s right, for each and every wave of enemies that you defeat, they will almost always come back, stronger, faster, and more ferocious than ever before. While this can become an incredibly tedious process, the monotony is always broken just in the nick of time by either the appearance of a treasure chest full to the bring with valuable loot, or by the arrival of, you guess it.. The Boss!

One of the, if not the most satisfying action experiences one can have is a StarBreak boss fight. Imagine if you will, up to fifty players, all decked to the nines with the finest equipment the world has to offer, all working in tandem towards the completion of one goal – kill that massive worm! It is a flurry of laser beams and explosions, as the hectic battle commences, and truly – all hell breaks loose.

While the customization of StarBreak is quite lacking, the meer fact that you’re constantly performing such a furious display of acrobatics and aggressive maneuvers, this oversight can be easily forgotten. All said and done, StarBreak offers gamers the opportunity to just go wild. To enter a realm of chaos and action, and to have at it, with everything they’ve got!

While the lack of a story, or any real direction at all for that matter, can for some be a huge deterrent – if all you’re interested in in a fun, action packed time, then StarBreak may very well be the gaming experience for you!


  • Action packed gameplay
  • Crazy fun boss fights
  • A real challenge towards the end game
  • No pay to win


  • Limited customization
  • Some payshop items are very convenient to own
  • The game can become monotonous if you don’t like the gameplay style


A writer of fiction and lover of all things fantastical, Matthew has spent many of his days immersed in one created world or another, be they an MMO, traditional video game, or a work of literary fiction. Having been both an avid writer and video game lover for his entire life, the next logical step seemed to be, you guess it, writing about video games. And so here he is, doing that.
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