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Star Trek Adversaries

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Star Trek Adversaries
Star Trek Adversaries

Star Trek Adversaries is a free to play, fully rendered 3D Collectable Card Game from developer Puppet Master Games. Created for the true Star Trek fan, Star Trek Adversaries puts it up to you to choose whether you wish to represent the Federation, and its mission of galactic peace, or the dreaded Klingons on their intergalactic quest for domination. Having picked a side, Star Trek Adversaries sets players forth into the vast Star Trek Universe introducing them in both online and offline modes to countless recognizable ships and crew members from the primary line.

From recognizable faces, to ships, to destinations and events, Star Trek Adversaries does a fantastic job in both understanding their place as a free to play CCG, and in catering to an audience who loves the content of their game, as much as the gameplay itself.

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