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Star Colony is a free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) game from Elyland. After Earth’s destruction, survivors have found a new homeworld, Terra Sperata. Unfortunately, two powerful alien races, the Swarm and the Ancients, want to seize the precious resources of the planet. Thus, a new war breaks out…

You start as the leader of a small nomadic camp and have to turn it into a thriving colony by gathering resources and raiding neighboring settlements. The small tutorial will guide you through the very basics and give you an idea of how the game works. In order to expand your base, you need to build specific resource-gathering structures and research new technologies. When you are ready, you should raise an army and plunder your neighbors’ bases. At the same time you must not neglect your defenses since aliens or other colonists may launch a surprise attack on you.

Star Colony features colorful 2D graphics with detailed models for the various buildings and military units and a nice soundtrack. Combat is automated and has a unique characteristic; you either win the battle or you lose and your troops disappear afterwards! This creates the need for careful planning before you send your armies to war. There is also a Player versus Player (PVP) mode called Battle of the Titans.

Star Colony is a typical representative of the genre; it offers an interesting storyline, beautiful visuals and a very easy to master combat system. It doesn’t innovate but will surely keep you company for a long time should you give it a chance.



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