Sparta: War of Empires Review

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Sparta: War of Empires is a browser-based MMORTS game, developed and published by Plarium. The game has very interesting 2.5D graphics and colorful images. Its story unfolds in ancient Greece during the fifth century, when Persians attacked the country. As a player your task is to build a city and evolve it to a great empire in order to help King Leonidas retaliate Xerxe’s intrusions.

Managing your city requires to built up residences, produce goods and expand your borders in order to obtain new resources. A very important task in this game is the raising of your army. Not only you have to recruit soldiers but also train them to defend your city against enemy attacks and conquer nearby areas. Expanding your territory will grand you slaves, products and wealth. Finally you can form alliances with nearby cities and trade or borrow products you need.

To support your efforts King Leonidas himself will provide valuable advises on how to proceed, in exchange for your help fighting back the Persians.



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