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When it comes to turn-based strategy games, fans have countless of options but every one of them has to have something truly innovative for it to be special. Space Wars: Interstellar Empires manages to keep its excitement while being in character.

Set in a sci-fi universe, Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is a classic PvP turn-based MMO that puts you in the boots of either one of two playable factions: Sol Imperials Worlds and Genari United Empires. Starting off, you choose your starting ship (with more than 100 as you progress to choose from) and start your journey with your captain and crew.

What you basically do in Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is fight over an intergalactic map with strategic fights where you have to think about your moves, how to allocate your resources, and how to work with your team to not only prevent the loss of your ship but achieve victory as well.

As you progress you get to upgrade your ship, acquire new ones, tweak your captain and crew skill trees and so on. In terms of gameplay, Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is a stellar experience which is buried below bad timing.

What most players that have tried it rant about it the fact that its progression and respawn times are pretty high and make you wait and grind your way to the top. For us that wouldn’t even be an issue if the game had the right amount of players. At the time this review is written there are 9 online players on Steam, which means that this game will probably be stuck in Early Access forever.

Overall, Space Wars: Interstellar Empires is a fair turn-based strategy game who’s free-to-play tag has been spoiled with some unfair pay-to-win options. If you are a fan of the genre then its a must play, at least for once.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: 2.4 Ghz
Memory (RAM): 4GB
Hard Disk Space: 5GB
Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000


  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Strategy Oriented
  • Low Requirements


  • Pay-to-Win
  • Low Playerbase
  • Slow Respawn Times


Katerina is currently a student in National Technical University of Athens as a Surveying Engineer. She was a gamer from early on, spending most days on Atari and NEO GEO emulators on her parents PC, furiously seeking her next favorite videogame. She truly realised her love for videogames when she became an adult though and from that moment on she wanted to make it her carreer by any means necessary. After having spent a few years in videogame journalism she came to believe that one day she will be the most famous videogame reviewer in existence.
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