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Soldiers Inc. is a free-to-play, browser based, Massive Multiplayer Online strategy game by Plarium. The year is 2019. In the war-plagued African country of Zandia, you are hired by an organization called “The Syndicate” to eliminate your opponents and gain control over the limited available resources.

The game features detailed 2D graphics with the appropriate strict “military” feel. Combine that with the surprisingly good music and you have a very promising start. The game has a very helpful and amusing built-in tutorial, where the mysterious voice of Mr. Black, your employer, guides you through the very basics. It’s all about war; but before you get to the battlefield, you have to create the necessary infrastructure. This means gathering resources and using them to raise buildings, research for new technologies, making allies and prepare your strategic plan.You will find that being in an alliance can make things easier for you. Then, you can start building an army. There are offensive, defensive and reconnaissance units. Every unit has a specific role on the field of battle and it can change the outcome when used properly. Unfortunately, after you decide which troops to use for the upcoming fight, there is not much you can do to alter the outcome. You just have to wait for the game to inform you whether you were victorious or not.

Soldiers Inc. is a nice strategy MMO game with interesting graphics and an excellent soundtrack. Although it doesn’t offer something new, it is a honest representative of the genre. So, if strategy games are your thing, you should definitely give Soldiers Inc. a try.



It was back at 1996 when Theodoros bought his first Personal Computer and with it a copy of Shogun : Total War. That was the beginning of many sleepless nights of exploring the fantastic world of gaming. He calls himself an “expert” defender and that’s his favorite gameplay style but he will not hesitate to grab a shield and go forth to protect his team as a tank. So next time you adventure in Azeroth and see a shield bearing cow named Klaras, you have found our guy! He is also a great fan of Role Playing Games. From Icewind Dale to Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim, you name it, he has played it all! He is not your average casual gamer, he is a dedicated fan!
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