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SmallWorlds is a free-to-play, browser based, online social game developed and published by Outsmart. Players can live a virtual life where there is always something exciting and entertaining to do.

After you choose your gender and your avatar you are ready to enter the game. There are seven skill paths for you to follow, each with its own advantages. You level up by participating in mini games, taking care of plants or by crafting and selling various items. And if you have an artistic inclination, you can always create a painting or a sculpture and exhibit it in an art gallery!

Socializing is a key aspect of SmallWorlds. As in real life you can make friends and hang out with them; you can even watch videos in YouTube together! Another unique characteristic of the game is the ability to create your own missions that the game developers can use! SmallWorlds features 2D graphics with colorful and relaxing environments, cartoonish character models and a nice soundtrack which adds to the whole experience.

With a huge player community, a relaxing atmosphere and an almost endless list of things to do, SmallWorlds offers an amazing virtual experience that will keep you occupied for many entertaining hours.



It was back at 1996 when Theodoros bought his first Personal Computer and with it a copy of Shogun : Total War. That was the beginning of many sleepless nights of exploring the fantastic world of gaming. He calls himself an “expert” defender and that’s his favorite gameplay style but he will not hesitate to grab a shield and go forth to protect his team as a tank. So next time you adventure in Azeroth and see a shield bearing cow named Klaras, you have found our guy! He is also a great fan of Role Playing Games. From Icewind Dale to Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim, you name it, he has played it all! He is not your average casual gamer, he is a dedicated fan!
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