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Shot Online

Shot Online is a Golf MMO that is published by Games Campus in November 2004. As a result the graphics of the game are not on par with the industry standard of 2017 but nonetheless they serve their purpose and offer a smooth experience.

The gameplay is well done and in- depth offering a truly magnificent golfing experience. Starting out players get to choose from five pre-set characters (seven if you are a premium player), which have their own set of skills. The RPG elements of the game are a pleasant addition to this type of game.

There are Guilds players can join, quests for the players to complete, in the form of completing certain golfing tasks and each time a new level is reached the game grants skill points which are then allocated to one of four talent trees: Power, Impact, Stamina and Skill. For players that like golf games and others who are curious about it and can look past the old graphics I suggest giving Shot Online a try as it was a fun and relaxing experience.

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