Seas of Gold

Seas of Gold

2D Browser MMORPG Strategy
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Seas of Gold
Seas of Gold

Seas of Gold is a browser naval real-time strategy game by R2Games. Each ambitious admiral can now travel back to the pirate era, seek for treasures and experience all those feelings of plunder, tension and sea-fighting. On the way to glory each player is challenged to confront many obstacles and rivals, from real existing sea raiders to mythical NPC's like beasts and pirates coming directly from the ocean abyss.

Additionally, great events are opening very often giving each captain the opportunity to get tested. Those competitions are massive with a variety of challenges and quests, but always provide winners with special prizes and recognition, expressed by their ranking increasement. Design your fleet, train your crew, choose your battle plan among a numerous list of selections, get ready to roam the open seas and live again the tale of Jack Sparrow!

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