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Seafight is the free-to-play, browser based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from Bigpoint that will put you in charge of your own ship in a quest of becoming the greatest pirate of the Seven Seas!

There is a small tutorial to teach you the very basics about navigation and combat after the completion of which you are rewarded with pearls and gold, the game’s currency. Your ultimate goal is to become the most feared pirate; to achieve that you have to eliminate your opponents, something that requires a fully manned ship with cannons and ammunition. Questing will provide all the currency you need to pay for all of these. And you can always join a guild and participate in battles against other guilds for special rewards.

Seafight features simple 2D graphics that look good and are pretty functional. Despite the fact that this is a browser game, the various ship models are very detailed. The above, together with the various sound effects and the appropriate pirate music theme, give a rather accurate feeling of the era.

Seafight is a game for pirate and RPG fans alike. With its simplified, yet captivating gameplay, the plethora of missions and quests and the huge game community, it offers an immensely entertaining gaming experience.



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