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Samutale is a free to play 3D online MMORPG game, by Maple Media. The title currently is at Closed Alpha version and is expected to be soon officially released. Set up within a completely open sandbox Samurai themed environment, the land of Kushiro, players are completely free to roam and explore their surroundings end-to-end without linear task and story progression.

You will create and customize your character and your number one goal will be to build, maintain and strengthen your own village in order to protect it from attackers and prosper. Choose wisely, either solo or as a clan member, your building area and create a safe place for storing materials and ingredients, farming and cultivating crops to produce food. Pay attention to your environment, as gathering resources as fruits or wood means that you will also need to replenish them by replanting them at your preferred location. In parallel you will get actively involved in animal hunting, food preparation, profession learning and crafting.

Trading is completely open and players can interact with each other and trade anything without restrictions. Combat gameplay is pure hack ‘n slash with no class restrictions and is based on an aim-to-kill mechanic, meaning that you will have the chance to equip any weapon you like but to kill an opponent you have to aim properly. The PVP loot system, will allow you to loot any killed opponent, but at the same time you will be tagged as a killer and risk of losing your stuff in case you die within a certain amount of time.

Samutale is one of the titles, currently under release, that are greatly promising and highly anticipated.

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