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If you are a lover of the RTS genre then this MMO review is cut out just for you. Saga is a free-to-play massive multiplayer game that manages to implement elements of city building, like seen in Stronghold and troop managing, like in Total War with MMO elements. You should be warned that this game is really outdated and has many flaws from its developments but overall it’s based on a combination of genres that was never seen before.

You start off with a basic army with a set of troops available to all players and from there on you can take on quests and compete in PvP events. If you are into PvE RTS game time then Saga offers thousands of quests for you to complete and get that precious loot. There are tons of different troop builds to try out so you can never say you are done with trying out new things.

For those interested in some more intense PvP action then you should try the tournaments, which are basically battles in the same maps but with custom made armies. It’s a bit strange that you cannot use the army you are trying so hard to build in this game for its PvP features, but we expect is a move in its programming that wasn’t well worked on. Competing in tournaments will grand you cool loot with new troop cards to add to your army but… Only if you win. Saga won’t award your participation in the tournaments, will only give rewards to the winner. So get ready to try hard or don’t even try it.

Graphics-wise Saga is a dated MMORTS. You can tell that it is an old game (was published in 2008) and you would probably don’t mind it, since RTS games like Warcraft 3 and Rome Total War are still playable even though their graphics are dated. The big problem lies to the huge crashes happening when you start a game, so beware of that cause it might be a dealbreaker.

Saga implements pay-to-win elements which for many of its fan are considered not a big issue. Truth be told they are right since microtransactions in this game are almost unneeded in PvP. They can really boost your experience in PvE though.

Overall, Saga is based on a cool concept but has poor design. Developers tried to implement MMO elements in an RTS single player game and even though it sounds like a good idea theoritically, in reality the game seems to be losing a lot of its multiplayer elements. With an aftertaste of mixed feelings, let’s say that Saga is a cool game to try but don’t expect it to stand up for its name as much as you’d like to.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory (RAM): 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB available space
Graphics Card: 128 MB, Shader model 2.0, OpenGL 1.4


  • Combination of RTS with MMO elements
  • Tons of Different Builds
  • More than 1000 Solo quests


  • Pay to win Elements
  • Needless choose of faction
  • Loss of actual MMO content
  • Dated Graphics


Katerina is currently a student in National Technical University of Athens as a Surveying Engineer. She was a gamer from early on, spending most days on Atari and NEO GEO emulators on her parents PC, furiously seeking her next favorite videogame. She truly realised her love for videogames when she became an adult though and from that moment on she wanted to make it her carreer by any means necessary. After having spent a few years in videogame journalism she came to believe that one day she will be the most famous videogame reviewer in existence.
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