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Royal Quest

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Royal Quest
Royal Quest

Royal Quest is a MMORPG that was developed by Katauri Interactive and was published by 1C Online Games Ltd in May 2015. Players get to choose from four starter classes which are Warrior, Archer, Rogue and Mage and they can further advance them at level 20. There is a lack of variety when it comes to character creation which is an important part of MMORPG’s in order to feel unique.

In terms of PvE, the rollercoaster advancement of quests, with a lot of kill and collect, the skill advancement, the item upgrades, the mounts and others are all present in the game. PvP has a variety of Arenas, Battlegrounds and Castle Sieges for players to fight in. Royal Quest offers some well-balanced nostalgia but it does not stand out in the sea of the many similar eastern MMORPG’s out there. As the premium store is not too intrusive I definitely suggest giving it a try.

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