Rohan: Blood Feud

3D Client MMORPG
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Rohan: Blood Feud
Rohan: Blood Feud

Rohan: Blood Feud is a free to play MMORPG that was developed and published by YNK Interactive in May 2008. The game had impressive graphics when it was released but after so many years they need some polishing to be on par with more recent MMO’s. However the game offers a multitude of races like Humans, Elves, Half Elves, Giants, Dhan, Dekan and Dark Elves. Each one of those races has their own selection of available classes to choose from so pick depending on your preferred playstyle.

Starting out in the game it has a really well structured tutorial that guides players through the mechanics without overwhelming new players to the game. Questing is in depth and has a variety of quest types that keeps things interesting. If you love MMO’s and can look past the graphics of this game I would suggest giving it a try as it offers quite a few hours of exploration and questing.

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