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Robocraft is a free to play multiplayer title developed and published by Freejam based on creating and upgrading robotic vehicles. A few years ago this game was one solid free to play game to play on Steam but now updates seem to have worsen the experience.

Its main objectives hasn’t changes but the constant addition of more fluff stuff in addition to loot boxes and cosmetic unlockables has made fans all over the world wish it was back to basics.

What makes Robocraft different than any other similar game is the fact that you don’t know if the design you created even works. You just mix and match blocks that you think could achieve victory in battle and just hope for the best. Overall, mistakes will be made you just have to learn from your mistakes until your vehicles are perfect every time.

Getting in battle is the easy part. You just march or float around shooting at enemies until you see their driver out of the vehicle. Every battle awards Robot Points (RP) and Tech Points (TP) as well as experience towards your rank, which is pretty much grindable. TP is spent on the tech tree, determining what items are available to you to build your robot while RP is your currency for purchasing those blocks.

After the addition of loot crates and flying blocks, Robocraft has been taken to a totally different level. While this could have been a great change and could boost the player base by quite a lot, most of dedicated players are frustrated with where this game is headed to.

Overall, Robocraft is a creative and fun to play shooter game. As every game out there, this too has its flaws but to be honest no free to play game will give you as much freedom as this one. You should really consider checking it out if you are into some strategic vehicle crafting.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000 minimum
Processor: Intel Dual Core or better
Memory (RAM): 4GB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
Graphics Card: Shader Model 3.0 Compatible GPU


  • Fully Customizable Vehicles
  • Balanced Matchmaking
  • Fast Paced Gameplay


  • Grinding Needed
  • Unbalanced Customization Items
  • Mildly Pay to Win


Katerina is currently a student in National Technical University of Athens as a Surveying Engineer. She was a gamer from early on, spending most days on Atari and NEO GEO emulators on her parents PC, furiously seeking her next favorite videogame. She truly realised her love for videogames when she became an adult though and from that moment on she wanted to make it her carreer by any means necessary. After having spent a few years in videogame journalism she came to believe that one day she will be the most famous videogame reviewer in existence.

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