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RF Online

RF Online is a Sci-Fi themed MMORPG that was developed by CCR Inc. and published by Codemasters in February 2006. After many adventures and even shutting down at some point Red Fox Games published it in February 2016 and it currently has a free to play model attached to it. From the get go there are three available race factions to choose from: the Bellato Union, the Holy Alliance Cora and the Accretia Empire. After picking which one to pledge your allegiance you get to pick from four available classes: the Warrior, the Ranger, the Mystic and the Specialist.

PvE offers an introductory tutorial that can be skipped and has an interesting storytelling experience with a linear progression system from one area to the next. The thing that RF Online does differently is the PT points system that is acquired by attacking, using skills and so on. PvP is fun and exciting and at level 30 there is a three-way free for all that takes place a few times a day. I recommend trying this game out as it offers quite a few hours of fun and a hint of nostalgia if you miss those early MMO’s that were released around the 90’s.

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