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From Gala Lab and Webzen comes Rappelz, a free-to-play, dark fantasy MMORPG. It’s a story of Good and Evil with some very interesting features like the pet system, the character levelling and the dungeon system.

Create your hero, choose one of the three available races and go train! Once you reach level 10 you may get a Job, a class if you may. You can further specialize in your chosen class at higher levels. Questing, mob killing and dungeoning will reward you with experience and loot and will also give you the chance to get a pet! That’s right, in Rappelz every mob is a potential pet that can be tamed, trained, upgraded and equipped with gear! And don’t forget to check the dungeon system where guilds fight each other not for territory but for ownership of dungeons! Come and check Rappelz and get ready for a great gaming experience!

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