Ragnarok Journey

2D Browser MMORPG
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Ragnarok Journey
Ragnarok Journey

From Gravity Interactive comes Ragnarok Journey, a MMORPG you can play on your favorite browser for free! This is a remake of the original Ragnarok Online title with many features kept and some new ones introduced, including updated graphics.

Choose one of the available classes and embark on a legendary journey; the intriguing story has hundreds of primary and secondary quests to keep you occupied as you work your way into creating a memorable hero! What is more, the updated graphics ensure an up-to-date aesthetic presentation and the newly added auto-play and auto-pathing system guarantee a gaming experience that any casual player will appreciate! If you are a fan of the original title or of the MMORPG genre in general, Ragnarok Journey is an absolute must-have!

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