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Puzzle and Dragons is a Free-to-Play mobile Puzzle RPG, produced and published by GungHo Online Entertainment. The game features a 2D cartoonish environment and a unique combination of puzzle solving, monster gathering and dungeon crawling elements.

Players start their adventure accompanied by a small monster that can be any of the following five elements fire, water, wood, dark or light as they embark into the first dungeon of the game. The interface is really simple and is divided into two areas, the RPG area where the opposing teams of monsters are stationed and the puzzle area which consists of gems with randomly generated colors (representing elements). In order to face the enemy team, players have to match three gems of the same element as that of their holding monster to attack. Subsequent three gem matches result in further boosting the monster’s attack. Upon completion of the various dungeons players are rewarded with eggs that hatch into new monsters to further their collection.

The game has hundreds of monsters, each with a unique and upgradable skillset, a vast array of dungeons which require different combinations and elements to overcome and Multiplayer mode introduced in its last patch which provide players with the opportunity to tackle enemies and encounter harder dungeons cooperatively.

All in all, Puzzle and Dragons combines a bunch of genres resulting in a huge, deep and addictive puzzle RPG that will potentially keep you hooked for a long time.



Manolis Vinichakis is an avid gamer and YouTube content creator, his love for gaming emerged in the "early Diablo" days and led him through several MMOs. World of Warcraft has been his passion for over ten years. During these endless gaming hours he has been taking various roles from raid-leading in high-end guilds to topping the PvP ladders and participating in Blizzard's events. He began writing about games as a hobby in several websites and forums, a little over two years ago. A link to his gaming channel: Frappe Gaming
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