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Prime World
Prime World

Prime World is a Fantasy MMORPG game that was developed and published by Nival in May 2015. The company behind heroes of might and magic brought many great ideas and combined them together with the MOBA genre to create an interesting experience. Players get two choose between The Imperium and The Keepers when starting the game. This decision is permanent and only affects the looks of their castles.

The game has the typical 5v5, Borderlands map, and 3v3, Outpost map, game modes as well as single and team player missions that rotate throughout the day. The Heroes are the same whichever faction is chosen but come with different names. They are fully customizable as they do not have a specific skillset and players can only be limited by their imagination when creating a hero build. All in all Primal World has not aged well compared to the bigger MOBA titles out there but it provides a nice touch to the genre so I would recommend you checked it out in order to try something different for a change.

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