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Pirate101 is a free to play 3D MMORPG by Kingslsle Entertainment. Evolving in a beautiful fantasy world, Pirate101 looks like it has popped-out of a Caribbean pirate fairy tale full of pirate ships, black flags, treasures, sword fighting, trading, exploration and plunder!

Piracy is on the rise across the land and players will head to Skull Island to live a true pirate’s life. You will have your own home, which you can decorate according to your style and invite your friends and you will be given the chance to select your hero among unique pirate characters and classes that utilize various skills and abilities. Buccaneers, Musketeers, Privateers, Swashbucklers and Witchdoctors await your selection.

Your ultimate mission is to get the booty and discover the treasures before the forces of Armada beat you to your cause. By carefully planning your relationships with the other factions and by engaging into combat you will get the chance to show your skills, think strategically and use your special powers and your trusted pets and companions to your advantage. Companions can be trained and promoted to become more powerful in battle and players can earn more of them throughout the game by completing quests. Pets on the other hand can be morphed to create your unique pet, will join you in battle and carry their own attributes. In case you need to cover long distances and do not have the privilege of time, you can buy or rent mounts, to help you travel quicker.

Every battle in Pirate101 is laid out on a board and begins with a planning phase, during which you will be able to choose the preferred actions for your team. A PVP mode is also available to test your skills against other online players. Battles are more often won by defeating your opponent on the board, but in certain cases you will encounter combat scenarios with specific victory conditions that must be met. In case you manage to win, your opponents may drop treasures that you can loot. If you are a party member, you will eventually be given the chance to loot greater and more valuable drops.

Ship to ship combat is amazing and the fact that new ships can be earned through quest completion and that the vessels are modifiable from their flags and sails to their cannons and anchors, provide the needed customization and additional replay-ability. Overall, Pirate101 is one of the few MMORPGs that the whole family can enjoy. Are you ready to set sail and embark on a unique pirate adventure to Skull Island? Yarr!

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows operating system currently supported by Microsoft Vista Service Pack 2 or higher
Processor:1GHz Intel
Memory (RΑΜ):512MB
Hard Disk Space:5 GB Free
Graphics Card:GeForce 2 Equivalent (or better)



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