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Myth War 2 Online
Myth War 2 Online

Myth War 2 Online is a MMORPG that was developed by UNIGIUM and published by TDT Games in May 2007. Starting off the game can be a bit confusing as it features four starting classes/races and the descriptions are not very accurate. The choices players have are between the Mage, the Centaur (actually an Elf with a pet), the Human (Warrior archetype) and the Borg.

The game is quite interesting if you enjoy medieval old school games as it features turn based combat and it has PvE and PvP content to explore. It’s most interesting feature is the Master and apprentice system that allows newcomers to have a mentor to help them understand the game and gain experience faster. Myth War 2 online is an old game and has flaws, however, it can provide enjoyment for players that find the setting of the game attractive. So give it a try since it is free to play and you will know from the first moments if this is a game for you!

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