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Sometime in the distant future, war unfolds. Mercenaries come from all corners and walks of life to fight for their chosen side, and so the conflict begins. Metro Conflict: The Origin, is a self styled story of “mercenaries caught up in the storm of battle”. You as the player, are one of these men – fighting for riches, glory, and the recognition of your peers. Featuring twelve classes, a wide array of skill suits, and heavily realistic gunplay, Metro Conflict: The Origin delivers on what it promises. Intense, realistic FPS combat – a deep focus on teamwork – and a bunch of awesome guns to get the job done with.

Metro Conflict: The Origin has twelve classes. Among these you will find the basic archetypes present in most other online game – in other words, no surprises here. Where Metro Conflict: The Origin really manages to set itself apart from its competition is in its innovative Special Suit progression system. With this system you are able to dawn specific suits that will grant you special skills in battle, from everything to improved offensive capabilities to slaughter your enemies, advanced defensive powers to ensure your own safety, to even powerful support abilities – in order to ensure your team’s victory as a whole. Naturally, with any combat game featuring classes, imbalances are present. That being said, while some classes do seem to fill more vital roles than others, there will always be a place and time that your class, no matter how “off meta” it may seem – will be the difference between victory, and defeat.

RED DUCK, INC did something interesting with the development of Metro Conflict: The Origin. Rather than higher a few industry experts and stop at that, RED DUCK, INC decided that for their game to really be something special, they would need a little something else. Something extra, if you will. In order to make the best FPS game possible, RED DUCK, INC made the wise decision that gunplay had to come before anything else. And so, in development, that was the focus – and it shows. The recoil is realistic, the bullet damage seems accurate (for the futuristic setting), and the battles are fast paced and highly rewarding. Gun play done right can feel fantastic, and Metro Conflict: The Origin, hits the nails on their heads in all counts.

All of that being said – heck, all of the praise in the world at this point, still wouldn’t be enough to save this game. It is a sad thing to see when a promising game that had held the attention of so many for so long finally comes to an end – and that’s just what we are seeing right now, with Metro Conflict: The Origin. The servers are coming down for the last time. Hackers ran amuck, and the population dwindled because of it. At this point, the only thing that can really be said about Metro Conflict: The Origin, is that it was great while it lasted. You can still boot up the game and play in a custom server, but the official matchmaking is all but done for. Still, if you have interest in game like this, I would suggest taking the time to see what Metro Conflict: The Origin is all about. Who knows, you might get some enjoyment out of it still, and if not, at least you might have your eyes open when the next big thing in the genre comes down the pipe, and you’ll get the chance to jump in on the ground floor, when the time comes.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 32bit XP(SP3), 7, 8, 10
Processor: SSE2 Dual Core 2.4 GHz
Memory (RΑΜ): 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB Available Space
Graphics Card: Intel HD3000


  • Realistic and enjoyable gunplay
  • An interesting class and skill system
  • Unique and fun game modes


  • Servers are dead
  • Hackers have run rampant


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