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MechWarrior Online is a free to play 3D TPS MMO, by Piranha Games. It is a well-acclaimed futuristic online tactical shooter, set in the BattleTech Universe of the 31st century, where players take the roles of MechWarriors, piloting powerful mechanized units known as BattleMechs and fighting for supremacy over the galaxy.

The story evolves around humanity during the year 3051 and its epic conquests in space and stars. However, a mysterious force is now attacking the frontiers, claiming ownership and exploiting humanity’s division, which was the result of the multiple internal conflicts for power and control. Only hope is to unite again and fight the common enemy for their survival.

You are an elite pilot of a BattleMech and you will have the opportunity to choose one of the four unique battlefield roles based on your preferences and your playstyle by selecting your chassis, weapons and equipment. Hundreds of unique BattleMechs of different types are available to choose which can be assembled, tuned and customized in the special in-game Mechlab. Scouts are ideal for tracking enemy movements or launching flank attacks. Their key element is their mobility and lack firepower and armor. Brawlers specialize in close range combat and are characterized by an average mobility, firepower and armor. Supports can fire long-range weapons and have a great firepower. On the other hand, they lack mobility and have an average armor capability.

The gameplay is purely tactical and requires a careful balancing of mobility and damage attributes, paying attention to underlying overheating effects, effectively utilizing your targeting systems to identify weak enemy spots and communicating with your teammates providing them crucial info to achieve victory. Teamwork is an essential part of the game and you should practice to cooperate efficiently with your team members in order to make a difference. Gameplay rewards range from special achievements and standard experience points that can be used to unlock various Mech improvements, to the unique ComStar Bills (C-Bills) that you will be able to utilize in order to buy new Mechs or equipment. Certain items can be purchased using premium Mech Credits (MC) that can be acquired either through real world money or via earning reputation with a Faction in the Faction Play game mode, or as rewards from participating in special events.

MechWarrior Online will challenge players to fight in a wide range of unique and diversified locations beautifully structured and designed. The game offers two distinctive game play types; Quick-play which includes various game modes and Faction-play where the epic confrontation between the two sides is recreated and players choose sides, select clans and define roles. It surely nails the combat element and given that the appropriate playing time is invested, it can prove much rewarding and entertaining.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: Intel: Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66 GHz / AMD: Athlon 64 X2 6400+ @ 3.2GHz
Memory (RΑΜ): 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 16 GB available space (45GB temporarily required during installation)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA: 8800 GT / AMD: Radeon HD 5670



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