Marvel Heroes 2016 Review

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Marvel Heroes 2016 is an action Massive Multiplayer Online Game, developed and published by Gazillion Entertainment. Pick your favorite hero and fight alongside other iconic Marvel heroes in an attempt to stop Dr Doom’s evil plans.

While creating your hero, you can choose a set of skills that best match your game. Marvel Heroes features an in-depth leveling system unique to each character. That, alongside the extensive crafting system, guarantee a special gaming experience. Brian Michael Bendis, Marvel comics super-scribe, is behind the fascinating story which takes you around famous locations from the Marvel universe such us Mutant Town or the Savage Land. The game supports a Player Versus Player (PVP) mode but it’s rather different from what the average MMO games offer. Players in teams of five compete against each other in an attempt to destroy each other base. What is more, there are daily dungeons called Terminals (with varying difficulty) and survival type modes called Challenges.

Created by a team that includes some of the biggest names in gaming industry, many of them responsible for iconic games such as Diablo, Marvel Heroes successfully offers a combination of atmosphere and fast action gameplay, together with an exciting story. This is recommended, whether you are a fun of Marvel Universe or you enjoy a good action game.



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