Luna Online: Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn

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Luna Online: Reborn
Luna Online: Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn is the free-to-play MMORPG from Suba Games where you fight alongside other brave warriors to save your world, Blueland from Evil!

With more than 100 classes and subclasses and as many as 600 skills, the game offers you the chance to create the hero of your dreams! Choose one of the three available races, namely Humans, Elves and Maijn and enter the fray! Combat is easy to master and entertaining in the same time; there are thousands of monsters that you can test your skills against and earn magnificent rewards! Alternatively, you can join PVP battles and see how you fare against real-life opponents! Lune Online: Reborn is a typical representative of the genre but it still manages to be highly entertaining and fun!

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