Loong: The Power of the Dragon

3D Client MMORPG
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Loong: The Power of the Dragon
Loong: The Power of the Dragon

Loong: The Power of the Dragon is a free-to-play MMORPG brought to us by Gamigo and Dacheng Network. It features an exciting story, a huge world to explore and amazing 3D graphics.

In this game there are no classes; instead, players can distribute their skill points in any way they like! There are no limitations! What is more, there is a huge world waiting for you to explore, thousands of quests to take for great rewards, pets, mounts, guilds, everything you would expect from a title of the genre, plus extraordinary 3D graphics which in many cases are on a par with those of much more expensive games! If MMORPG is your addiction, come and try Loong: The Power of the Dragon, you will not be disappointed!

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