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Legends of Honor is a free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy (MMORTS) game from Goodgame Studios where you start as a petty lord and through exploration and war faring you rise above your opponents to create an empire.

Before seriously getting into the game, there is a small but helpful tutorial which will teach you the very basics on managing your empire. Legends of Honor is a traditional representative of the genre so you should expect city building, resource gathering and technology researching. As soon as you have established a flourishing economy and a constant resource flow, it is time to raise an army to conquer the world. To achieve that, you have to recruit generals; these are the leaders of your armed forces, upgrade their stats and equip them with advanced gear to further enhance their abilities. Armies don’t have to be stationed in your city; they can roam freely the world map.

Another innovation is the Factions; there are three available to join, each with its own agenda, the Order of the Golden Claw, the Warriors of the Wild Lands and the Knights of Ash and Shadow. According to the faction you favor, you can join Alliances and together fight against other factions’ armies. Honor is a key factor; a high level of honor allows you to recruit troops of greater quality. Combat in Legends of Honor is a matter of sheer numbers and is fully automated. In terms of presentation quality the game features detailed 2D graphics with beautiful artwork for the various buildings and military units’ models.

A typical MMORTS, Legends of Honor offers beautiful graphics, intense PVP action and easy to master gameplay, altogether, proving to be an exciting gaming experience.



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