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League Of Angels is an RPG adventure game but first and foremost is an “idle” game, meaning there is not much gameplay to speak of. The game mainly requires some strategy and party customization. While combat can and probably should be set on auto mode, you can choose to manually activate your main hero abilities if you need a more challenging encounter, but auto mode makes it easier. In manual mode, you have a choice of 3 abilities depending on your chosen weapon. Each ability comes with a cooldown and a resource cost. You get resources every time your main hero attacks. This system adds some depth to the combat and is pretty interesting despite its simplicity.

Other than the manual combat, there are also some choices to be made in the way you construct your party. Each character has a role, either a tank, a healer, or a DPS and you can assemble your party however you see fit.

The game has many systems of progression. Everything you get in this game can be leveled up.  Your characters level up, your gear levels up, your mount, your wings, your other character’s gear, your weapon, your weapon skills, your achievement rank and pretty much anything else you can think of can level up. The progression system is very good and it slowly unlocks as you progress. Your hero can level up normally, but you can also “augment” him to further increase his power. Each one of these separate progression systems has different items associated with it. And each of these items has different ways of acquisitions. Acquiring these items comes down to completing combat challenges and missions. They are all under a different theme and place but they play out in the same way.

All in all, League Of Legends 3 is pretty good.  The art and music are generic but overall decent. Gameplay is minimal as expected from “idle” games such as this but it does offer some level of strategy and depth if you feel like getting into it.  Progression is the major feature in League of Angels 3.


  • Progression system
  • Tons of content
  • Crafting system with upgrading
  • Good art


  • Cash shop sells power
  • Cluttered interface
  • Only 3 classes
  • Leveling slows to a CRAWL after 30
  • Includes some amount of sexuality


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