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Last Chaos is a 3D fantasy MMORPG, developed by Korean T-Entertainment and first published by famous Aeria Games. After Aeria Games shut down the game was passed over to the hands of Gamigo in 2013 and its what we know today. Although there’s a huge variety of MMOs out there, you can’t ignore the classics and Last Chaos is one of them.

Many would say that in 2018 this game is basically unplayable. Clunky user interface, dated graphics and slow paced combat are its weak points, but one has to start from somewhere right? That’s where games like Last Chaos come into play.

Getting in first touch with Last Chaos is an overwhelming experience. You have to choose one of 9 gender-locked classes and head into basic kill-gather-talk quests to level your character up. What’s interesting is the fact that Last Chaos has a really high level cap, currently at more than 185 levels.

That being said, Last Chaos is a grindy and needy game to be your go-to MMORPG. If you want a casual and chilled experience then you won’t find that here. You can however join the Guardian system which appoints you to a more experienced player who shows you the ropes around the game’s world and helps you farm a bit easier.

Crafting in Last Chaos is one of its main features, source gathering included mining, herbalism and absorption as its main categories. You can acquire the tools needed and start crafting some cool items in the Weaponsmith, Armorsmith and Alchemy categories after that which is a hefty and “timey” procedure.

To sum up, Last Chaos is a good game but has obvious aging signs. In 2018, where MMORPGs are “spreading” like crazy this game may not be your first choice. It can give you a good sense of where did the genre begun though so it’s worth at least a try.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 1 GHz
Memory (RAM): 512 MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
Graphics Card: GeForce FX / Radeon 9600 128MB


  • Guardian System
  • Strong Playerbase
  • Interesting Crafting System


  • Gender-locked Classes
  • Dated Graphics
  • Grind Needed


Katerina is currently a student in National Technical University of Athens as a Surveying Engineer. She was a gamer from early on, spending most days on Atari and NEO GEO emulators on her parents PC, furiously seeking her next favorite videogame. She truly realised her love for videogames when she became an adult though and from that moment on she wanted to make it her carreer by any means necessary. After having spent a few years in videogame journalism she came to believe that one day she will be the most famous videogame reviewer in existence.
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