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LaTale is a free to play 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG by OGPLANET with anime inspired graphics, lots of quests and a massive player base. Τhe game’s control simplicity and the quest’s form gives accessibility to players of all ages and guarantees many unforgettable entertaining moments.

A great number of alternative types of gameplay and customization is offered, providing each player with a unique and incomparable personality. Players can also personalize their heroes with pets, accessories and exclusive personal skills, dress them using the latest mainstream fashion trends. Also, a whole variety of ways to express your mood and your intentions is provided.

Tooltips are numerous and character development is not complex, although is strongly recommended for players to study carefully the potentials for leading their characters to success. The main classes existing in the game are warrior, knight, wizard, explorer, engineer and finally the soul breaker. Each one of them can be further equipped with the particular skills, weapons and knowledge defined by the selected character type. Each class contains sub-classes. At Lv50 (Lv80 in Season 1), one can promote their character to one of two classes, referred as “extensions” and “alts”, with the exception of Engineers. Their difference is that the first upgrade provides the player with similar skills as the main pre-chosen path but the second one refers to a different character skill development. At Lv100 (Lv140 in Season 1), you can perform your second job promotion.

The central globalized world of the game has many places, from deep dark dungeons to huge open valleys for the player to travel. The danger is always there as lots of beasts and monsters are involved, challenging the player to confront them through melee attacks or magic. Defeat can be catastrophic, but victory can bring each player a great vast of fortune and game coins (known as “Ely”). In addition, each entity shall learn a single crafting skill and give a unique personality to their dressing code, which is a nice social aspect of the game. But be careful, each item before its complete assembly demands some sub-components to be gathered, hidden in random and dangerous regions, which constitutes a critical game attribute.

The new update provides La Tale global community with the ability to keep private e-mails through game evolution, save their progress via “way-points” and inaugurate their personal shops where they can sell goods to gain an extra and useful income. Furthermore, another dynamically developed attribute is the in-game marriage where characters can “marry” each other. This requires some companionship indications such as “mate” and “affection points”. You can gain access to those factors when you choose a common path following another character’s routine. For example, you can hunt together in a group, or even logging into the game at the same time. Once the affection points fill up the “Proposal” bar, the players can get married and enjoy some in-game benefits, but as in real life, not every relation leads to a happy end and joy. A divorce is a possible ending, which unfortunately causes penalties and sudden expenses to the people involved.

Get ready to submerge yourself in a challenging world of honor, sword-fighting and experience the Far East spirit in a magic tale full of pictures, emotions and music! Are you ready to dream again?

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor:Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz or higher
Memory (RΑΜ):2GB or higher
Hard Disk Space:2GB or higher
Graphics Card:GeForce4 MX / ATI RADEON 9000 or higher/DirectX 9.0c or higher



Dionissis was always keen on the gaming evolution, from the early console days of Sega Mega Drive and Super NES to the first gaming engines such as Amiga and Amstrad. But as soon as the first personal computers appeared, more exciting things showed up. And there came the “Monkey Island” series and the adventure games genre. RPG’s entered his life the first day he played “Diablo” by Blizzard Entertainment. Many gaming hours followed since then. He is still a gamer because as the wise men say “Once a gamer, always a gamer”, but he is also interested in new technologies and mobile applications.
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