Knight`s Fable

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Knight`s Fable
Knight`s Fable

An ancient evil is awaken and now threatens the land with war; you are the brave hero that will try to vanquish it and restore order and peace. This is Knight’s Fable, the free-to-play MMORPG from GTArcade.

Choose one of the four available classes, hire mercenaries, collect and train pets and assemble a team to fight against hordes of monsters in various beautifully depicted locations. Combat is fast-paced, automated and relies on good training and high-level gear. The game looks amazing; from the stunning visual effects to the fantastic artwork everything is a feast for your eyes. And there is always something new to do in Knight’s Fable; alliances, dungeons, special events, PVP battles, everything you ever wanted from a MMORPG and more!

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